dryerWe Can Offer Quality Service:

Installation: we are qualified to deliver fast and safe installation of any new or used appliance. One of the most frustrating things that comes after the satisfaction of purchasing a brand new appliance is trying to install it. We help you get over the frustration by getting rid of the hassle of installing the appliance anywhere you like. There is no reason why you should feel anything other happiness from a new appliance purchase. We can mount you new microwave to the wall above your stove. We can install your washer and dryer in no time at all, so that you can begin to enjoy using them. Dishwasher installation may sound difficult, but it is a breeze for our qualified technicians.

Repair: we offer the most affordable and reliable appliance repair service in Los Angeles California. We have a long lasting relationship with local parts suppliers that guarantees that you are getting the lowest possible price on quality replacement parts. Our technicians have decades of repair experience allowing them to repair stove, refrigerators and dryers in their sleep (although we don’t allow them to do that). The best part is that they come to you, saving you the hassle of disconnecting you appliance, loading it into you vehicle, finding us, moving it into our shop. Imagine all the gas money you are saving by allowing us to fix your appliance at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Cleaning: many time you are not getting the best you can out of your appliance or Air Conditioner, because they get too dirty. Our technicians know the most troubled spots of all appliance and air conditioners making the cleaning procedure quick, easy and cheap. No longer will you suffer second rate performance from your first rate appliance just because it is dirty. Call us now and have you appliance sparkling like new in now time at all.

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